Plant Holders

Rustic Wooden wheelbarrows + shipping (example)


A personal favorite and hit amongst collectors, the traditional 36 inch size Is a perfect fit to accentuate the beauty of your personal landscaping theme. Like every creation from WoodbutcherArt, each build is unique and owns a personality all to itself.

Wooden wheelbarrows


Handmade all-original garden planter holders. Ranging from 25-100 dollars -depending on size- many styles and colors to go perfectly with your relaxed get away area. Custom builds at no extra charge. Check out the entire site for adddition home decor. 

Concrete wall deco



Multiple styles/ any color scheme. Lock it in for a lifetime by capturing your desire in stone-strong concrete. Prices range from $25 to $40 based on your preferred size.
*please note: pre-made items available all year/specialty items availible May thru September.

**free delivery within 100 miles

Statues and Sculptures

Carved Art


Our goal is to have your ideas come to life. Make your house your home with a one-of-a-kind piece of art that complements you and your family. Prices are all complete different just like each one of us. Text, Email, Call, or stop by and let WOODBUTCHERART® create magic for you.