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A lil Bit of Our Story

So, once upon a time- (Summer 2019), in a land far, far away-(Campbellsburg, Ky.), a man decided to give back to the community (put bread on the table) and share his passion and creative efforts by producing various pieces of hand-made art. Such collections were to include-but are not limited to- wooden carvings and sculptures, ornamental and decorative landscape enhancers, garden benches, chests, planter holders, and novelty items. From this venture, WoodbutcherArt was born. Should you find yourself looking for something unusual-something special and/or something bespoke, then look no further. . Working with a range of different materials suitable for indoor or outdoor, and whether it's a statement piece for your home or a gift for a special occasion, we can provide a one of a kind piece that will be a talking point for many years to come. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a no-hassle return policy. New to WoodbutcherArt? Schedule a free meeting with our creators to design something specific to your style. Let WoodbutcherArt provide the magical touch that promises to make your home the fairy-tale scene that dreams are made of. 502-706-9006 Text, Call, Email, stop by, or send a smoke signal for inquiries, pricing, consultations, or comradary. Always our pleasure to do business.

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